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How long should i plank?

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 9:20 PM

While we know the plank exercise is great for your core, most people are uncertain as to how long they should attempt to hold a plank. No worries, we have an answer for you.  There isn't a lot of physical benefits to holding a plank more than a minute. Instead, we recommend that you master the one minute plank, then add variety to challenge your core once you have mastered the front plank with good form. It is more about the effectiveness of doing planks than the duration. When i first tried the stability ball plank, it was very challenging because of the great demand of balance and strength required. I recall i could only hold it for about 20 seconds, but after many attempts, i made my way to a minute. It was a great accomplishment and i could tell my core was getting stronger. Feedback!  Be sure to focus on form, variety, and effectiveness, the time will take care of itself as you get stronger. Keep planking!

Stay strong my friends,

Plank Life

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