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Plank Life

"Strong to the core"

Plankafits aka Benefits

A Stronger Core

Chief Executive Officer

All good movements start with a strong foundation. Your core is the base of your movements, which is a key component to quality of life. Planking improves strength in your abs, back, shoulders, quads, calves, chest, and mind. Plank strong!

Better Posture

Because we are seated so much, our posture becomes compromised. Rounded shoulders, low back problems, and lack of flexibility usually contribute to poor posture. Planks are a great way to improve your posture. By doing them consistently, you will elongate the muscles of the body, and strengthen them. You will sit and stand stronger.

Mental Conditioning

Health Specialist

Doing planks requires all of your mental attention. It's hard to focus on work, dinner, or to do list while holding a plank. The physical demands improves our mental toughness. So doing planks will make you stronger mentally. Be unstoppable!

Stress Reliever

Wellness Manager

What we think about and what we do, can often leads to stress or relieve it. Planks are a great way to relieve stress to tight and tense muscles. Planks will make you sweat will can relieve stress and worry. Doing planks will help put you in the right mental state of mind, so you can focus on right now. A wondering mind often leads to stress and anxiety. Handle stress!